Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scam fraud Report About Gallcleanse Remedy for gallbladder gallstones

Scam fraud Report About Gallcleanse Remedy for gallbladder gallstones

Ok I ordered few months ago package of scam frauding gallcleanse stuff.

My gallstone is one and size of 1.5CM, it is been there for a while, a year or two,
Once a day I am having a 3/10 pain in abdomen, so I decide to buy this magic bullet, I bought it and got it from my brother in London, since you already know that my stupid Estonia does not like internet orders.
Any way I started to taking dissolvent pills first week, they taste awful and immediately I was experiencing strongest heartburns in my life due to this gallcleanse medicine, but never the less I was continuing taking pills, I did not notice any relief, then after a month of taking this remedy I went to hospital for new ultrasound scans for my gallbladder's gall stones, it was there good as new 1.5CM, so basically I spent 70USD for this gallcleanse scam, still experiencing heartburns that never felt before, when drink juice for example and support from gallcleanse does not want to refund my money by saying

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Please get back to us with

1. How many bottles did you try of our product?
2. How big was your stone prior to using our product?
3. When did you take the last ultrasound?

This will help us in understanding whether you were taking the product correctly and it will also help us determine on what went wrong.

Dimple Singh
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I'll add more details on this scam - gallcleanse - later


Tad Hargrave said...


i've been thinking of buying this - any updates? help!

SixChitlins said...

I tried GallCleanse in September after being hospitalized for the umpteenth time for a huge stone and living in constant pain for years. It worked for me, and as an added benefit I went from size 14 to size 4! Amazing product; only drawback (for me anyway)...diarrhea.

Ashley said...

I'm new to the gall cleanse product, I have multiple stones and thought it was chronic heartburn and I've been living with intermittent pain everyday for 6 months. This is my 3rd day taking the product, the pills taste good (smell similar to chocolate which anyone with gallstones would love since you can't have chocolate lol) and I noticed relief the 1st day.
I always felt indigestion constantly, like a pressure in my abdomen that wouldnot subside, that has since disappeared.

I will finish out my month's supply and follow up with an ultrasound but again, I felt better the 1st day taking the product than I have in 6 mo. Very pleased!

Rick Horowitz said...

I've been using this product for about 2 years and it has helped me. Started having gall bladder pain for several months. Finally went to a doc and they diagnosed me -- just with symptoms -- no ultrasound, though. But within days of starting to take GallCleanse, the pain started to subside. I took it for several months and then stopped. Within a month, started to have pain again. Started the product again and once again, it worked. Now, I just take it every day. Doesn't give me heartburn, but I do notice the peppermint or whatever burns a little bit at times. Also, sometimes if I consume too much saturated fat, I'll get minor symptoms, but just cutting back on the sat fat does the trick. All in all, I would guess that without this product I would now be without my gall bladder. I just hope it continues to be available.

Bles P said...

I've been diagnosed with a gallstone (0.5cm) 5 months ago. I've seen the website of GALLCLEANSE and got very interested. However, I would like to know how can I order this product since I live here in the Philippines, Southeast Asia? Would greatly appreciate any help you can extend to me. Thanks so much.